A fascination for faces of all times. For strength and vulnerability in man, animal and universe. The desire to express different emotions, to create timeless pieces..

-way of working-

The works are a result of pure moments of inspiration, in which a subtle exchange takes place between conscious and subconscious creative processes. Sometimes a painting or drawing originates from the contents, sometimes from the form.

-use of materials-

The choice for a certain technique depends on the approach of the subject. If the vulnerable, soft side is important then pencil or water-colour will be used. If the more strong and expressive side is featured, then acryl or poster paint is the best option. Usually one technique is used, but there are multiple works with a mix of techniques. The main technique will be mentioned.


'radiant', 'own style', 'special', 'rendering the soul'.


©2017 Nadja van de Ven